brunswick photo diary

hey all!

How has this year been treating you so far? Achieved any of your resolutions? I would really love to know.

As I am currently in the process of moving into the city, (YAAAY IM SUPER EXCITED) I have been temporally been staying in an apartment in Brunswick which is super sick because I’ve gotten to know the area pretty well and have been eating at the cool cafes and looking at the rad shops and I have really enjoyed it!!!

Now if you’re anything like me and the main reason that you buy magazines is for the pictures, you will understand why I’ve never committed to a dairy because tbh it just bores me (yay for commitment!!). But do you know what doesn’t bore me? Pictures!! so her is a photo diary for y’all!! enjoy!

Lia xoxo

(picture above writing: visiting the Velodrome constantly because cycling is rad man!!!)

had an absolutely excellent breakfast at East Elevation
  held my sister under child hostage to model for my wall photos  visited an adorable little nursery on Lygon street and took more pictures of my sister (if she doesn’t know it doesn’t count as slavery)
  visited a rad as op-shop and cried because of my lack of a record player.  Looked around at The Lost and Found Market and purchased some super cute sunnies.
 Popped into the radical aesthetic-ness  of Obus and drooled over the amazing clothes and accessories.

Hello 2016 

Hello wonderful people! 

So it’s 2016.. Can you believe it? Happy New Year!!

Now I’m not usually the person to make New Years “Resolutions” as sometimes you can just make them for the sake of it, and not put thought into or give a reason as to why your making that resolution. Like saying you will give up chocolate, if I said that, it would definitely not happen!!

But this year I have a resolution, and mine is to become healthier and happier. Something that I am going to try my hardest to make happen. 

If you have one, what is your New Years Resolution? 

Eva xx

P.S Lia is currently away camping, and I’m going away tomorrow so it might be a bit of a ghost town for a few weeks but we will be back soon!!

a pink picnic photoshoot 

hey wonderful people!

Recently, Melbourne has granted us with actual nice weather! (Warm weather in summer? What is thisss?) One of the things that we reckon is linked to the goodness of summer is PICNICS.

You have to be a seriously big killjoy if you don’t like picnics. And how do you make them even better? Make the the colour theme pink and make it as aesthetic as possible of course!

We thought this would be a really cute idea for a photo shoot, plus it also gave us an excuse to eat pink doughnuts :)))))

This is also a really good idea for a fun day and a good way to enjoy the summer sun! We hope you enjoy looking at the photos because we enjoyed taking them :))

Cya later alligators,

Eva and Lia xox

P.S We actually shot this in September, but Eva only just got around to getting the photos off her camera..  School and exams happened!.. Sorry lovely people! 


odd studio sale time 

 Hello lovelies!

This morning I went to the Odd Studio sale at The club of Odd Volumes (which is also a really fab store you should check it out) with my snazzy friends Jade (miss trika blog) and Zarah and it was probably the raddest morning ever. Totally worth setting my alarm to 8am on a weekend hahah.

The Odd Studio Sale was a mini market in a cool little building just off Gertrude street. After  drooling over the coolness of all the stores, we felt tumblr with our ice creams and wall posing, searched out little graffiti lanes and  took soooo many photos. In my mind, enough photos is never enough.


Kitiya Palaskas’ super rad stall    Ashley Ronnings super rad stall

Lia wears:

– Dress, Camberwell market find ($5)

– Denim jacket, hand me down from my mum

– socks, country road ($5)

I ended up being extremely satisfied with my purchases;

a zine ($10) and a plant patch ($8) from the amazingly talented Ashley Ronning, two nail polishes ($10) each from the raddly (that’s a word now) cool Kester Black  and a pair of earrings ($2) and three posters ($10) from Shuh, the cutest shop ever!!

Shoutout to Jade, Zarah and The Odd Studio sale for such a rad day!!!

Much love,

Lia xox

happiest 5 k!!

Hey guys!

Long time no speak, super sorry! I have been so stressed and super busy with exams. I hope you can forgive me xx

On the weekend, I really should’ve been studying for exams but who need exams when you can run and have colour and glitter chucked on you instead?? Definitely not me and Eva!!!

On Sunday we were honoured to take part in The Colour Run, also known as the happiest five kilometres on earth. And I can tell you, it certainly didn’t fail to meet its extremely high expectations! If you don’t know what it is you basically run 5 kilometres while people chuck coloured powder all over you. This is the second year I have done it, and I plan to do it every year ever!!

have a great weekend!

lots of love,

lia xx


september favourites

Screenshot (5)

Greetings and Salutations you lovely bunch of people!

The end of September? ALREADY?! WOAHWOAHWOAH hooooold your horses 2015, you are going quicker than roadrunner with his butt on fire. Seriously though, this year has gone so fast, its unbelievable. I mean, wasn’t Christmas, like, two weeks ago?!

Anyways, as it has reached September at an exceedingly fast rate, I thought it necessary to make a September favourites board!!

  1. Noggin. Tjis has got to be one of my most favourite books of all time. although it has a strange, unrealistic  plot (he has cancer and the only way to keep him alive is a body transplant, ie. the doctors dicapitate hime and attach him on someone elses body. This whole prosess takes 5 years so when he wakes up everything is five years in the future but he is still the same age) but that is what i love about it. It is so quirky and creative. i even CRIED. THREE times. I’m not really the emotional type either so that is saying something.

2. Arro Home. This is my ALLTIME favourite for bedding. it is probably the coolest bedding ever         made in the existence of cool bedding. its so colourful and cute and i would buy evrey singke       item if i could.

3. The Wombats – Greek Tragedy. My favourite song ofthe month. or maybe for two months…              The Wombats are the coolest band ever and you have not lived until you have heard their               music.

4. Bob. This month i have tried out a new hairstyle, and although i dont look as flawless as the           girl in the picture, i LOVE it. It also has a bonus of being super duoper easy to take care of.               Brushing? pfffft aint nobody got time for that. (image from here)

Hope you enjoyed!

Lia xoxo

September Playlist

hello lovely people,

holy guacamole! september is almost over!

hey 2015? slow down a bit will you? yeah thanks.

anywayyy, with september came so much AMAZING new music & I re-discovered some of my old favourites. so I’ve decided to share with you my top ten songs from this month. hope you enjoy and maybe your playlist will gain a few new songs after this!

1. Hurricane – Halsey

2. Chocolate – The 1975

3. I Miss You – Blink 182

4. Fools – Troye Sivan

5. Jet Black Heart – 5 Seconds of Summer

6. Lost Boy – Ruth B

7. Sippy Cup – Melanie Martinez

8. Without You – Oh Wonder

9. Somewhere in Neverland (Acoustic Version) – All Time Low

10. Ghost – Halsey

Much love,

Eva xx

p.s who knows, maybe a monthly playlist will become a proper thing?..

p.p.s sorry I haven’t posted for AGES, I promise I’ll post regularly now!